The Emotion Code / Body Code for Fearful Dogs …

Though this blog is nowhere near ‘ready for prime time’,  I recently wrote a Comment about using the Emotion/Body Code for Fearful dogs on the FearfulDogs Blog.  Unfortunately,  it didn’t pass ‘moderation’.  For this I am really disappointed,  as a dog trainer, I am well aware of how challenging it is to work with dogs who are experiencing fear issues.  I have found the Emotion Code (or it’s advanced incarnation, The Body Code) to be very helpful in releasing fear issues. For whatever reason, the blogger didn’t want this info shared.

For those of you who are not TOTALLY skeptical,  and maybe even for those who ARE, but who have tried everything else with no results,  here is that post – As this is MY blog,  I get to write what I want, so I will likely add to this information later, but for now, this is my original post (which I luckily copied before submitting).

As a dog trainer of 20+ years I have seen the ‘counter-conditioning’ work, though as someone else mentioned, by being well below threshold.  Not always though, so what you write makes perfect sense. Though not a student of mine, I know of someone who took a clicker class with a dog who turned out to fearful of the clicker – and to this day will go in another room if offered hot dogs or cheese. So yup, have seen it backfire too!

Several years ago I learned about an energy healing modality called ‘The Emotion Code’ developed by Dr. Brad Nelson.  After years of working with ‘hopeless cases’ in his holistic chiropractic practice, he discovered that strongly felt emotions can become ‘trapped’ in the body (like your ‘man in the hat’ example).  As you’ve pointed out,  this can indeed become a ‘default’ reaction with no time for thought involved. Not only does this contribute to the ‘default’ behaviour you mentioned (happens to people w/ anger issues alot) but these Trapped Emotions can contribute to health issues as well by disrupting the body’s natural flow of energy. The Emotion Code/Body Code can release these TEs energetically, thus taking the ‘charge’ out of the scary items.  This allows the counter-conditioning to go much faster, be more effective, and in some cases it’s not even needed!  This can be effective for Reactive Dogs as well.

It really must be seen to be believed. If you have a fearful dog you are working with,   I would love to gift you with a couple sessions so you can see how it works! (After seeing such great results on myself & my dogs I became a practitioner so I could help others.)

‘Physical and Emotional Healing for People & Pets … all over the World!’